Saturday, November 16, 2013

colour uv checker pack

Thought I’d throw together a colour uv checker pack. No idea why, in any case; click the here to download.

Red, orange, yellow, blue, green and grey with 3 alternatives to each.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some Unity Shader work

Just adding some more functionality so i have more control over the shader for this dude in Unity. The big addition is the RGB(A) Comp Map slot. Which takes the RGB channels into account;

R = Specular
G = Gloss
B = Translucency
A = (Still undecided on this)

So this is what it looks like in Photoshop. Because each channel is black and white, it causes a bit of a problem for skin specular, so I just added the Specular Colour node so you can tint the black and white spec to get the effect you want. This is how the translucency works too in conjunction with a mask. I was for some reason having trouble with the Gloss at first, but it seems using a vector 1 instead of a range slider comes out nicer than I thought it would.

I'm undecided on the alpha channel and what it could be used for. I was originally going to use it for emission but at the moment, emission is taken up by the fresnel effect. So it could just be used for the standard alpha transparency I guess.

After this I'll be working on the eye shader or something.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ostrich Courier

I've been motivated by DOTA recently, perhaps due to the ward Item i modelled recently but I've always been taken to the couriers more than anything else. So I thought I'd make an ostrich courier.

Couriers have a maximum count of 3000 triangles and currently it sits at 1866 which i'm happy with because it's the bulk. It means I can spend some more time creating and figuring out the flying version. I was taken to the idea of it being ridden by some sort of creature that would carry it. I'm not too sure how it will turn out but that's the whole point of this exercise really, to try and make something look sweet with relatively low triangle counts.
512x512 with various AO Bakes

This is the uv space so far. There is space left intentionally so that I can fit in some other things like the hair, hair and the bags at the back. I'll probably have to readjust things to accommodate for another character, that is if I go ahead with it. I'm also wanting to change up the hat a bit too, instead of a Fez i was thinking of something a bit warmer.