Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zbrush FibreMesh Hair Test

I've been pondering on whether i should take a look at fibremesh in Zbrush and to see whether it can be used in a game art pipeline for generating hair. Well the test that I ran seems to generate some nice results though i'll have to go into further testing to see how best to generate the hairs. I'm thinking of doing a patch at a time so i have further control over direction and manipulation of the fibres.

The preview in zbrush of the fibres, I think, need a lot of tweaking, it's not very accurate for the end result and it's more about guessing then anything.

I'm most happy with how the hair on top turned out. The beard and eyebrows are left to be desired so i left them out but no worries, it was my first test so a lot of tweaking can go into it to get it to look right.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Player Model for Rust

Working on a player model for Rust. Starting out stark naked ;) Like Garry says, who wouldn't run away from a naked man carrying a hatchet?