Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eye Test

Zbrush eye colouring test. It was actually done super quick (about 5 minutes) utilizing the radial symmetry to gain results fast. A Great option that I should have explored sooner.

Speed Sculpt #2

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TT Games Art Test

I totally forgot about this one, it”s about a month or so old. This was an approved art test for TT Games. 
So this was tricky. Coming up with a completely original Lego character, but I thought it was an incredibly cool process, from concept to completion. I learnt so much about normals and fixing certain issues that really would have set me back if I attempted this a year or so ago.

This was the initial sketch. The idea behind my Lego character design was primarily to portray a story, as this is my own design there is no game or predefined  storyline that I could use to influence my choices; so I created a short premise in which my character could exist. I initially chose something a little bit abstract before the final deliverable; a Russian inventor. Though, with the idea of this I quickly became attached to  a new, more refined and final concept of him being a father figure who is struggling to find that one golden idea that would revolutionise everything, a character that you would interact within a Lego game, or in essence an alternative character that you could swap to. 
Through his struggle and with the help of his son (the main character you would play as) you are able to create the ingenious Water Jetpack, allowing you to travel to new heights (literally). But, because of the materials used; various pipes and boxes and a little bit of ingenuity, that the character would have to refuel the jetpack by plugging it into a pipe leading to a water source. This would be one of many inventions you are able to use. 
It was this premise that influenced my design. I wanted to portray the weariness of the character through the texture.
This was the initial hp model in Maya.So  I originally had the arm modelled as the Minifig is portrayed; with its arm down to the side, creating geometry that would hopefully properly deform to a t-pose. 
Then I realised in the Lego games, when the arms are extended  they are perfectly cylindrical indicating a tpose instead and because there is no real documentation on this and on the topology I had to make the decision based on what I thought would be beneficial for animators and riggers which you can see in the model itself. Turns out it’s a mixture of the two. 
So the next thing was normals. Did they use them or not? If they didn’t then they would rely on smoothing groups. So I made sure that without the normals the model looks just as good as with normals. Turns out they try not to use normals whenever they can. 
It was great modelling and texturing (Illustrator) this and I learnt a lot. Can’t complain. If anyone is wondering their studio is very cool and the people there are friendly as to be expected! 

For a good while now, me and a few friends have been trying to work on a project which is now starting to be developed. It will appear on Kickstarter and so with this you can have your likeness in our game.
You’re probably asking yourself a few questions, my good friend Ant will try to answer them here.

1) What is 1985?

1985 is an upcoming first person shooter game on the unity engine set during a fictional third world war in which London suffers a direct nuclear strike, and a civil war ensues in the wake.

2) Who is making 1985?

We have a team of around 7 developers, professional and hobbyist, all with high levels of skill. Darko Subotin and Thomas will be dealing with your ‘faces!!!’

3) Will this be paid?

Unfortunately no, by agreeing to provide your face, you will also agree that the final 3d product is the sole property of 1985. We do plan to sell the game in the future, via digital download and the kickstarter program, in which you will receive a full free version of the game, as well as a thank you in the credits.

4) What do i need to provide?

Effectively just a frontal photograph of your face in good light - kind of like a passport photo.

5) What is the process?

Darko Subotin, our animator and conceptual artist will make a small sketch of the main features of your face, and this will be sent, along with your original photo to Thomas, who will develop the picture into a full 3d model.

6) Will it be exactly like me?

I would initially say no. We need to fit you into the story. Your face might appear fatter, thinner, or slightly different but there WILL be a very close resemblance.

7) Will I be able to pick my role within the game?

potentially yes, I will have a few roles/positions available for your likeness, and I will send you details of each character. We will however, reserve the right to use your likeness for anything we choose fit - however you will still retain the right to refuse.

8) I have a friend who is also interested, can they be involved?

Yes they can, get them in contact with us.

9) How long before I can see something?

Expect a few months before we start sending out our developed likenesses.

10) Where can I find more information?

(contact edited for Ants sake) You can send Thomas a message here on his blog for further enquiry or alternatively on his email: thomasrwbutters[at]

So if you could all send over a likeness of your face taken from the front, with your email addresses, via Toms email, then we can get the ball rolling! Thomas and Darko may contact you, if they have further requirements.

Once again, on behalf of the 1985 Development team, thank you very much for opting to be part of this.

- Ant

Pretty cool eh?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vray render tests.
Super rough sketch. I like where I was going with the shapes. Inspired me to design a scrawny superman.