Friday, March 29, 2013

Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Came in the post today which is great considering its a bank holiday! On my morning travels to work on the train I come across a wide variety of looking people that i'd love to sketch for something to do, so i thought I'd make more use out of my iPad, sure I cold use pen and paper but when I want functionality, brushes and other great things that come with photoshop...sketchbook pro is a great alternative for when I am away from the pc.

I keep thinking I could just use a sketch pad though.

The stylus itself is pretty neat as a stylus, the nib is soft and spongey and relatively small too, which is nice i guess. The grip is whack though, it doesn't feel like tablet pen. I really don't know why they didn't design it like a normal tablet pen, the grip is uncomfortable as its metal and not a non-slip material.

For some idiotic reason there's a bloody metal clip on it which will get in the way and does not come off. I thought that the stylus should have come with a lid to protect the soft nib.

All that is minor when it comes to actually using it on the iPad because in all honesty, I can see myself using my iPad even more now, especially for artsy stuff like drawing. I really don't like using my finger to draw on the iPad for the obvious reasons, hence the stylus purchase.

I'm sure there cheaper and better stylus's out there.


  1. I got the wacom stylus in a 50% off sale from amazon, and i'd agree that it's nice but totally replaceable with something cheaper. I recently got the adonit jot stylus as a gift, and while it has the same fat-finger parallax as any other stylus/finger, it's nice to be able to see the center of contact. will be interested to see if the pressure sensitive ipad styli are any good!

    1. Oh wow, that adonit jot stylus looks fantastic. That's one thing I'd like is to be able to see the point of contact.

  2. i purchased the adonit Jot touch 4. months ago. and have used it probably 3 times. maybe i need to play with settings and have been too lazy to, but the pressure sensitivity is horrible! plus it makes a clicky noise every time it makes contact with the surface as its plastic and not soft.SO i gave up on the whole sketching on ipad with stylus idea.waste of $120. but i would really like this to be possible. have seen some good reviews on the wacom stylus which has made me reconsider the idea.

    hows the pressure sensitivity?